Pinellas County States Attorney Alexis Catherine Upton says: “Mugshot websites are Stalking ‘my client’ Lisa McMenamin”



In a case Pinellas County States Attorney Alexis Catherine Upton is still handling, since early December 2016, whereby she repeatedly has failed to prove the prima face elements of stalking had ever occurred against her “client,” Alexis Catherine Upton illegally refers to said victim Lisa Enger Mcmenamin, she is now trying to prove that multiple “mugshot” websites are now stalking her illegally referred to “client”   Lisa Enger Mcmenamin:

  1.   Florida
  2. Tampa
  3. Tampa Bay
  5. Florida
  6. Instant Check

There are many more “mugshot” websites currently posting  felon Lisa Enger Mcmenamin’s  mugshot from when she was arrested August 4th, 2017 for felony fraud for stealing thousands of dollars from hundreds of innocent little elementary school children, when she was entrusted as their PTA Treasurer at Brooker Creek Elementary School  in Tarpon Springs, Florida.

An excerpt from her felony defrauding scheme is as follows:

 The Pinellas County Criminal Courts “investigation revealed that between October 2015 and July 2016, LISA McMENAMIN stole over $5,000 in PTA funds on at least ten separate occasions through various methods of misrepresentation.”

Felon Lisa Enger Mcmenamin was released on a $7,500 felony bail bond, bonded out by Integrity Bail Bonds, located at 13585 49th Street North, Clearwater, Florida 33762, seven hours later, to her residence in Tarpon Springs, Florida.

Although the bail bond was probably paid for with more illegal money since her personal residence at 3684 Welmore Court, Tarpon Springs, Florida 34688 went under foreclosure as of July 31st, 2017, as a result of her husband, and fellow stalking claimant,  John McMenamin  failing to pay his mortgage payment as of September 2016, right when he was kicked off the Board of Directors of the Crescent Oaks Golfing Community he once served on.  He probably scammed them too, as he is now facing charges of Mortgage Title Fraud uncovered in his foreclosure lawsuit against him.

These “mugshot” websites are growing and increasing for a number of reasons.  One of them being, when one shuts down, the same one re-opens under a different name, and the cycle repeats, such is the fabric of life.

At the time of the false arrest on this AGGRAVATED STALKING case against actually one of Felon Lisa Enger Mcmenamin ‘s victims, she had fooled the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Department, the Pinellas County State’s Attorney’s Offices, and the people of her community at both Crescent Oaks, where she lives, by fraudulently begging for money under her “self proclaimed” “Pet charities” and “children’s charities;” as well as the parents and teachers at Brooker Creek Elementary School  in Tarpon Springs, Florida.

Furthermore, Felon Lisa Enger Mcmenamin has many discredits to her name, including bullying in particular, vulnerable members of society, like stealing thousands of dollars from hundreds of elementary school children, and attacking REPEATEDLY a 100% disabled veteran with PTSD, who served one tour of duty overseas in Desert Storm who was Honorably Discharged, the one she had falsely arrested for stalking in December 2016.

Here is a list of just some of  Felon Lisa Enger Mcmenamin‘s crimes against humanity:

  1.  Aggravated stalking, multiple counts, multiple victims
  2. Mortgage Title fraud
  3. felony grand theft
  4. Felony fraud
  5. Felony Scheme to Defraud
  6.  Breaking and Entering her victims houses at night, uninvited
  7. Theft of PTA money
  8. Trespassing on her own former residence, after it was foreclosed upon
  9. Making death threats to her victims to their faces
  10. Lying in wait inside the guard gate of  her victims’ personal residence multiple times a day to intimidate and threaten and terrorize them
  11. Attempted murder, multiple counts

Yet, not only is  Alexis Catherine Upton hellbent on defending this said victim, Felon Lisa Enger Mcmenamin, she illegally calls her “my client,” and her prejudice towards all of these illegal, felony crimes said victim, Felon Lisa Enger Mcmenamin, has and is still   engaging  in, including actually stalking the woman she accused of stalking her, demonstrates a woman so corrupted against justice, she acts more like a felon herself, not a prosecutor.

The defendant Alexis Catherine Upton is obsessed with prosecuting for Aggravated Stalking is actually a very vulnerable member of society.  She is a 100% disabled veteran, suffers from PTSD whereby she receives current  treatment from the Bay Pines Veterans Hospital and Facility  on a regular basis, and served one tour of duty overseas in Desert Storm.  This fits right in with said victim Felon Lisa Enger Mcmenamin’s character always bullying and attacking vulnerable members of society.

So, does this make   Alexis Catherine Upton anti-American?  She has repeatedly demonstrated she has absolutely no knowledge of U.S. Constitutional Law, but is she really anti-American, like Felon Lisa Enger Mcmenamin as well?

Stalking is actually a very simple law:  The communication must be directed  “to” or “at” and it must be “intentional.”

Alexis Catherine Upton is trying to prove that stalking extends to include “about:”  “Anyone caught talking “about” anyone in a negative way is guilty of stalking.”

This is just simply not true.

If this were true, then yea, let’s just include the never-ending and growing list of “mugshot” websites out there who post the mugshots of criminals to the list of “stalking”  Lisa Enger Mcmenamin.

And Alexis Catherine Upton is trying to do just that.


 Talking “about” a person, through  any medium    IS         NOT      STALKING.

But the more underlying issue at hand, should really be about:  Lying.

Felon Lisa Enger Mcmenamin has been caught in so many lies, since this aggravated stalking case initiated in December 2016, should not that be more of the focus moving forward?

There has even been an article written about  it already:   500 Counts of Felony Perjury: Lisa Enger Mcmenamin

A few poems from people who have been lied to for the purposes of proving just how serious lying really is: