Prominent Pinellas & Pasco County Construction Law Attorney John Mcmenamin Faces FORECLOSURE of Personal Residence

This is the post excerpt.

mobile office of John Mcmenamin
John Mcmenamin’s personal vehicle; his employer is actually Lucas & Magazine Law Firm

In Pinellas County case number 52-2017-CA-004015, publicly filed Foreclosure documents, revealed that on our United States of America’s 241st  Birthday, Independence Day 2017, at 6:56 p.m., John Mcmenamin, and then separately on the same time and day, his said wife on record Lisa Enger Mcmenamin, were served separately at 3684 Welmore Court, Tarpon Springs, Florida 34688, two summons to the lawsuit filed against them by Franklin American Mortgage Company for defaulting on the mortgage to their residential home in which they reside.

Legal evidence in this twenty plus document FORECLOSURE lawsuit put against John Mcmenamin and his said wife on record Lisa Mcmenamin state that John Mcmenamin made his last mortgage payment to Franklin American Mortgage Company on September 1st, 2016.  And now, just barely under a year later, the foreclosure proceedings have commenced.

Lisa Enger Mcmenamin legally served for foreclosure on July 4th

Foreclosure of John and Lisa Mcmenamin exhibit 1

Foreclosure of John and Lisa Mcmenamin exhibit 2

Foreclosure of John and Lisa Mcmenamin exhibit 3

Foreclosure of John and Lisa Mcmenamin exhibit 4

Foreclosure of John and Lisa Mcmenamin exhibit 5

Foreclosure of John and Lisa Mcmenamin exhibit 6

Foreclosure of John and Lisa Mcmenamin exhibit 7

Upon further publicly available legal record research, on July 8th, 2016, at 5:18 p.m., John Mcmenamin received legal summons for his failure to pay his said wife on record Lisa Enger Mcmenamin’s USF Federal Credit Union Visa Credit Card bills.  In fact, the documents clearly state Mrs. John Mcmenamin was actually writing a check for $58.36 each and every month, on a growing $11,015.15 Visa credit card debt for a most probable same period of time, a year, until the authorities had to step in and intervene in this mismanaged debt in yet another Pinellas County court case number 16-004483-CO.

Between those two dates, July 2016 and July 2017, it appears John Mcmenamin, along with his said wife on record, Lisa Mcmenamin have and are being sued for the criminally inclined offences of stalking, multiple times;  repeat violence; invasion of privacy; and  the theft, sinisterly manipulated, and illegal apprehension of Pinellas County School District’s Brooker Creek Elementary School records of the child  of one of John Mcmenamin’s previous clients.  Although most of this was and is still being orchestrated by Mrs. John Mcmenamin.

With John Mcmenamin driving around town in a wrap-around advertisement all around his car he drives, “Mcmenamin Law Group,”  professing the handling of all kinds of construction law,  along with a billboard advertising his one man law firm, Mcmenamin Law Group, actually serving on the Board of Directors for Crescent Oaks his first three years he took residence in the community, having left the same month he stopped paying his HOA dues in October 2016; to Lisa Mcmenamin serving as Brooker Creek Elementary School PTA Treasurer for the 2015-2016 academic year, as well as collecting money for charities in the Crescent Oaks Housing development, where she lives, for now, it appears these two lead very double lives.

Crescent Oaks  Community Association, Inc was also included in the Pinellas County court case number 52-2017-CA-004015, for foreclosure, the very place where Lisa Enger Mcmenamin went collecting for her self-proclaimed charities, due to lack of receiving monthly HOA dues from the John Mcmenamin.

Four other parties were included in the foreclosure proceedings of the residence where John Mcmenamin resides:  Unknown Party 1;  Unknown party 2;  Unknown Party 3, and  Unknown Party 4.

An ethical  complaint was filed against John Mcmenamin by a former client within the past year, that went….. uninvestigated and dismissed.

Is perhaps John Mcmenamin’s unethical ways finally catching up to him?  Stay tuned as I am quite sure this story will reveal more answers as the wheels of time unfolds its weary truth.



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