Florida States Attorney Alexis Catherine Upton Earmarked for Disbarment from THE FLORIDA BAR for Obstruction of Justice and Lack of a Competent Knowledge of U.S. Constitutional Law

Florida States Attorney Alexis Catherine Upton Earmarked for Disbarment from THE FLORIDA BAR for Obstruction of Justice and Lack of a Competent Knowledge of U.S. Constitutional Law
Alexis Catherine Upton, age 36

 Alexis Catherine Upton, Date of Birth March 26, 1981, earned her BS degree in international relations in 2003 from Virginia Tech, a very racist, nearly non-competitive university, that is known for winding minority students up, and setting them loose, i.e. THE VIRGINIA TECH MASSACRE.   She then studied law at Stetson Law School, in Saint Petersburg, Florida until 2007.

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Alexis Catherine Upton was recently assigned an aggravated stalking case, that has since been dismissed into a veterans court program, through  Pinellas County States Attorney Chief himself, Bernie Mccabe, whereby she demonstrated repeatedly  her severe lack of not only basic Constitutional First Amendment Freedom of Speech Rights and Law all Americans are entitled to; yet her disapproving lack of respect for United States of America veterans, disabled veterans, highly decorated veterans,  showing her complete lack of knowledge and respect for American Constitutional Law, she should be disbarred, or halted from practicing law until she can retake ALL of her American Constitutional Law classes over again, if she ever did complete any to begin with.

First off, the Constitution of the United States defines stalking as very specific.  The communication must be directed “to” or “at,” and it must be “intentional.”  Communication through other parties can count as the communication “to” or “at,” but it must be intentional, and the communication must be directed “to” or “at”  the intended victim. “Talking about” someone through ANY medium, whether it be first hand, through flyers, through a website, on social media, or even e-mails, is not stalking that person, since it is not directed “to” or “at,” and it is not intentional.

Alexis Catherine Upton, a less than two year Pinellas County States Attorney pee-on, actually accepted an aggravated stalking case where the most basic of prima face elements of stalking were never met.  Not only that, but her said victim, who acted like a deranged bully who was ass-raped by her dad at the age of 13, in her ghetto Pinellas Park Trailer squalor of an upbringing she was raised in, causing her throughout life to cry, cry, cry, AT THE DROP OF A DIME, having full on mental breakdowns EVERY TIME she does not get her way, throughout the entire eight month case, named Lisa Enger Mcmenamin, of 3684 Welmore Court, Tarpon Springs, Florida, whose house in being foreclosed upon, the only way her husband John Mcmenamin she is blackmailing can divorce her, has already been caught in over five hundred (500) material lies she has sworn under oath to police officers, judges, states attorneys:  Perjury.  And unfortunately the entire state of Florida, because the average IQ is the lowest in the nation, does not prosecute for perjury.  This only causes her said victim Lisa Enger Mcmenamin to lie even more, since she knows being raised from birth in Florida, she won’t be “punished for lying to the courts,” like people in all other states normally would be.

In the Bill of Particulars Alexis Catherine Upton, was forced to submit to the courts, because on it’s face value, the prima face elements of stalking were never met, she lists things clearly demonstrating no contact was made by the alleged perpetrator to the said victim, Lisa Enger Mcmenamin. Rather, it does list events when Lisa Enger Mcmenamin violently physically attacked the alleged perpetrator.  The first of the events occurred at the Crescent Oaks bus stop, in early March 2016, when the school bus dropped off Brooker Creek Elementary School students, and Lisa Enger Mcmenamin, a severely obese, smelly, unkempt woman, who has the style of a Salvation Army give-away hoarder, walked sixty paces and attacked the car of the alleged perpetrator, who had no idea who Mcmenamin even was, having never met her before, unprovoked, demanding she give to her charities, she refused which turned out to be fraudulent.

You Tube video of bus stop bullying

You tube video showing distance from bus stop since Mcmenamin is lying stating she had a witness to the conversation

Another event, about two weeks later in March 2016, occurred at Brooker Creek Elementary School, when Lisa Enger Mcmenamin knew from her illegally obtaining information on her victims, she caused the courts to label as perpetrators, that the alleged perpetrator was in a required school meeting, about three per year, and Lisa Enger Mcmenamin was lying in wait–SHE DOES THAT A LOT–walked ten paces with the alleged perpetrator, as the alleged perpetrator was exiting the only entrance or exit to Brooker Creek Elementary School trying to pick a fight, was told to “go to Hell” by the alleged perpetrator, and Mcmenamin began to back up, trying to lure her into her chasing after her.  Yet, when all she received from the alleged perpetrator was,

“Is that how you tricked John Mcmenamin into marrying you, by getting him to chase after you, something undesirable he does not want?”

This caused Lisa Enger Mcmenamin to lunge after her, as the alleged perpetrator, kept walking into the parking lot, never once missing a step, and actually had to run and hide in her car.  Three different people had to restrain Lisa Enger Mcmenamin in that event.

The other items in the bill of particulars were of a similar nature, except for four e-mails that show a desperate, scared mother, the alleged perpetrator, writing to her child’s third grade elementary school teacher informing her all of the stalking Lisa Enger Mcmenamin is exhibiting to the alleged perpetrator and is extending to her third grade child.  Somehow Lisa Enger Mcmenamin stole those e-mails, AFTER she attempted and was denied to do a records request on the alleged perpetrator’s child through the Pinellas County School District. .

12 You Tube videos of just some Lisa Enger Mcmenamin’s terrorizing and stalking her husbands former clients and their kids, of whom she does not know

Alexis Catherine Upton actually, not only accepted these four e-mails as evidence against the alleged  perpetrator, yet saw they were clearly NOT TO LISA MCMENAMIN, yet illegally removed from evidence as to where she got them from or how she got them.  And what is most alarming, she was trying to use this AGAINST the alleged perpetrator, when just on the face value of the evidence, it is clearly evident  that Lisa Enger Mcmenamin’s stalking and terrorizing is so severely deliberately “to” and “at” the alleged perpetrator, it has extended to an innocent little child, his only crime is he is the child of her husband John Mcmenamin’s former client who refused to have sex with him…not a crime at all to the little child.

Alexis Catherine Upton and Lisa Enger Mcmenamin are clearly friends;  they know each other;  Alexis Catherine Upton is engaging in OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE to benefit a personal friend, Lisa Enger Mcmenamin.

A stalking injunction was even granted for the alleged perpetrator against Lisa Enger Mcmenamin, with over seventy-five violations, that Pinellas County judges approved each and every one of them as valid violations of an injunction order.  And when they were then sent over to the Pinellas County States Attorneys Office for prosecution, Alexis Catherine Upton illegally intercepted all of them and dismissed them as irrelevant to  her “winning my case against the victim.”

Not only that, when the stalking injunction was granted against Lisa Enger Mcmenamin in December 2016, by this alleged perpetrator, Alexis Catherine Upton actually showed up in court AFTER the judge,  Judge Amy Williams had already made her decision, and ordered a seasoned judge,

“Your Honor, I demand you not grant this injunction against my client…..she needs to have access to her gun.” 

Alexis Catherine Upton then proceeded to further insult and tell lies about the victim in this case, whereby  “her client” as Alexis Catherine Upton actually referred to Lisa Enger Mcmenamin as, when she was not her client at all in her States Attorney representative capacity.

Lisa Enger Mcmenamin is a very emotionally unstable woman, who is a bully and lies about everything, and Alexis Catherine Upton wants to put a gun in her hands after Lisa Enger Mcmenamin already threatened to kill the alleged perpetrator to her face, as proven in a police report.

Alexis Catherine Upton has and is currently putting the lives of three innocent people in jeopardy by engaging in obstruction of justice, using evidence that should be used against “her client” as she ILLEGALLY refers to Lisa Enger Mcmenamin, but instead is using them against the alleged perpetrator.

Alexis Catherine Upton needs to be disbarred from The Florida Bar from ever practicing law ANYWHERE ever again.  Not only does she have a lack of knowledge of basic United States of America Constitutional Law; she is actively engaging in OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE; she is using evidence against the said criminal in her “case,”  when it should be used against the said victim, in this case.

And lastly, Alexis Catherine Upton actually allowed a reversal of the stalking order obtained against Lisa Enger Mcmenamin, to enable her to have her firearms privileges restored, when Lisa Enger Mcmenamin not only lies to the point of being a convicted felon but has the IQ level of a third-grader, and has the emotional stability of a 13 year old girl who was ass raped by her dad in the Pinellas Park ghetto Lisa Enger Mcmenamin was raised in;  and when there is evidence in police reports Lisa Enger Mcmenamin has threatened to the alleged perpetrator to kill her, to her face, as she was driving inside the gate to her house, and Lisa Enger Mcmenamin was lying in wait for the alleged perpetrator in the only exit or entrance in Crescent Oaks.

Alexis Catherine Upton is jeopardizing the lives of all three of Lisa Enger Mcmenamin’s victims by her lack of basic US Constitutional Law, and her gross and wonton OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE.  There is a legal term for that:  ATTEMPTED MURDER, that Alexis Catherine Upton and Lisa Enger Mcmenamin are co-conspirators on together.

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