500 Counts of Felony Perjury: Lisa Enger Mcmenamin

Lisa Enger Mcmenamin,  in an aggravated stalking case she fraudulently created late last year, by calling the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Department on Wednesday, November 30, 2016, and filed one of several false police reports to respondant Lonne R. Redmond, causing him to issue the fraudulent arrest of one of her many victims, and her being released on a $75,000 bail bond, normally a $10,000, but not for Lisa Enger Mcmenamin stalking her victim at her arraignment hearing and crying hysterically, like a 13-year-old girl being ass-raped by her dad, a memory of Lisa Enger Mcmenamin’s I am sure, growing up in the poor poor Pinellas Park trailer trash squalor where she is from.

The victim  is a highly decorated Desert Storm veteran, and has never even met Lisa Enger Mcmenamin.

Lisa Enger Mcmenamin began  stalking one of her husband, John Mcmenamin’s former clients of whom he was able to award her with $4,400 through the insurance company, for black mold growing below an upstairs bathroom remodel, six months previously.

After reviewing both parties testimonies, Mrs John Mcmenamin told  over 500 lies to the police and the courts against one of her husband’s former clients to cause damages and injuries to this particular victim of Lisa Enger Mcmenamin’s to punish her husband for “liking” this particular former client.

The victim of Lisa Enger Mcmenamin sexually rebuffed John Mcmenamin, when he asked her for sex at the end of the case, stating, “you know, you have to have sex with me,” and within days unethically represented his wife Lisa Enger Mcmenamin in what began as the beginning of a long string of bogus injunction hearing harassment’s of Lisa Enger Mcmenmian upon her victims, all because, someone said “no” to her husband for sex, and “no” to her, in her self-proclaimed “pet charities” and “children’s charities” she coerced Crescent Oaks Board of Directors member,  Irv Rosen to send out in multiple e-mails.

Lisa Enger Mcmenamin chose Irv Rosen to help her beg for cash and credit card numbers from the Crescent Oaks residents, against the law in a deed restricted community, because she needed a co-conspirator, and because Irv Rosen is Jewish, and Lisa Enger Mcmenamin comes from a long line of former World War II Nazis.

Lisa Enger Mcmenamin allegedly is a proud member of the Pasco County KKK where  she hates on Jews, amongst  other hate crime victims.

The 500 perjury lies Lisa Enger Mcmenamin told?  That is actually in the works as a project the victim is putting together, to mentally help her deal with her injuries and traumas Lisa  Mcmemamin has damaged her with.  It’s purpose being to warn other would be victims who say “no” to Lisa Enger Mcmenamin, and because Mrs John Mcmenamin’s victim is so severely traumatized by the physical injures  Lisa Mcmenamin intentfully deliberately caused her, it serves as a therapeutic tool for recovery.  Although I am not sure ANY of the victims of satanic Lisa Enger Mcmenamin can ever fully recover from her felonious, criminal ways.

Because of Lisa Enger Mcmenamin’s inability to manage money, spending John Mcmenamin’s money like the true lower class ghetto soul that she is; and because Lisa Mcmenamin has so much blackmail on John Mcmenamin he is afraid to divorce his wife who is ten years older than him, their house on 3684 Welmore Court, tarpon Springs, Florida is now in foreclosure.  It is true, Lisa Mcmenamin swears up and down she works and “has money too,” yet her personal income tax records do not reflect this.  Lisa Enger Mcmenamin has told over 500 perjury lies to the  police and the court officials.

I feel sorry for her kids.

old ball and chain
Lisa Enger Mcmenamin soaking in her own beer piss in the sink hole in her back yard: “Stay-cation”

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